Anthropology videos

  1. Beginners Guide to Anthropology Answer writing strategy: Click here
  2. Test series discussion: Click here
  3. How to plan your mains preparations: Click here
  4. Introduction to Anthropology (Orientation): Click hereĀ 
  5. Meaning, Scope and Origin of Anthropology: Click here
  6. Synthetic theory: Click here
  7. Universal definition of marriage: Click here
  8. Political Anthropology- orientation and Band Organisation: Click here
  9. Anthropological thought- Classical evolution: Click here
  10. Tribe caste continuum: Click here
  11. Civilisation school of thought: Click here
  12. Dominant Caste: Click here
  13. Nature Man spirit complex: Click here
  14. Jajmani System: Click here
  15. Tribal Health issues: Click here
  16. PVTG: Click here
  17. Physical or Biological anthropology: Click here
  18. Human Adaptation: Click here

Upcoming Videos

Videos on general preparations

  1. Introduction to Anthropology: Click hereĀ 
  2. Book list for Anthropology: Click here
  3. How to prepare for Social-cultural anthropology: Click here
  4. How to prepare for Biological Anthropology: Click here
  5. How to prepare for Indian Anthropology: Click here
  6. How to prepare for Tribal Anthropology: Click here
  7. Answer writing in Anthropology: Do’s and Don’ts: Click here
  8. How to use case study, flowchart and diagrams in your answer: Click here

Review of Books

  1. Biological anthropology by Dr Arjun Bopanna: Click here
  2. Xaxa report- what to focus on? Click here

Value addition videos

  1. Human adaptation to Hot desert: Click here
  2. Human adaptation to cold climate: Click here
  3. Human adaptation to High Altitude: Click here
  4. Social change in Indian society: Click here
  5. Over view of Tribal problems: Click here
  6. Orientation towards anthropological theories: Click here
  7. Indian anthropology, its growth and development: Click here
  8. Fieldwork tradition in anthropology: Click here
  9. Physical evolution: Click here