Documentary videos on Anthropology

Hi guys, here are some documentary videos related to anthropology. Watch them during your leisure time. This will be a great value addition to your preparation. You will also get an insight into theories, principles, case study, problems and much more, which will be reflected in your answers. 

Rajya Sabha Videos on tribes (Programme-Main Bhi Bharat): 

  1. Bhattra Tribe of Chattisgarh: Click here
  2. Halba Tribe of Chhatisgarh: Click here
  3. Gond tribe of Chattisgarh: Video 1    Video 2
  4. Betta Kurumba tribe of Tamilnadu: Click here
  5. Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh: Click here
  6. Tagin Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh: Click here
  7. Apatani Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh: Click here
  8. Tribes of Andhra Pradesh| Kodu or Kondh: Click here
  9. Tribes of Andhra Pradesh| Parang Porja: Click here
  10. Tribes of Andhra Pradesh| Gadaba Tribe: Click here
  11. Tribes of Odisha| Koya Tribes: Click here
  12. The Angami Naga Tribe of Nagaland: Click here
  13. Ao Naga Tribe| Tribes of Nagaland: Click here
  14. Aoleang Festival of Konyak Naga Tribe: Click here
  15. Tribes of Nagaland| Konyak tribe – The Headhunters: Click here
  16. Tribes of Odisha| Bonda Tribes: Click here
  17. Tribes of Madhya Pradesh – Sahariya Tribes: Click here
  18. Tribes of Odisha – Paraja Tribes: Click here
  19. Tribes of Odisha – Durva Tribes: Click here
  20. Tribes of Madhya Pradesh – Sahariya Tribe: Click here
  21. Tribes of Bihar- Oraon Tribes: Click here
  22. Tribes of Bihar- Tharu Tribes (Part 3/3): Click here
  23. Tribes of Bihar- Tharu Tribes (Part 1/3): Click here
  24. Tribe of Gujarat| Dungri Garasia: Click here
  25. Tribes of Gujarat: Vasava tribes: Click here
  26. Tribes of Gujarat: Bhil Tribe: Click here
  27. Tribes of Odisha: Hill Kharia tribe: Click here
  28. Tribes of Odisha: Mankidia tribe: Click here
  29. Tribes of Odisha: Lodha tribe: Click here
  30. Tribes of Assam: Ex-Tea Garden Tribe: Click here
  31. Tribes of Assam: Tea Garden tribe: Click here
  32. Tribes of Assam: Bodo tribe (Part 1): Click here
  33. Tribes of Assam: Bodo tribe (Part 2): Click here
  34. Tribes of Assam: Rabha tribe: Click here
  35. Tribes of India, PESA Act & Padaha system of Oraon tribe: Click here
  36. Tribes of Jharkhand: Munda: Click here
  37. Tribes of Jharkhand: Birhor: Click here
  38. Tribes of Nicobar Islands: The Nicobarese: Click here
  39. Tribes of Andamans: Onge: Click here
  40. Tribes of Andamans: Great Andamanese: Click here

Other documentary: 

  1. Strange Beliefs: Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard: Click here
  2. Tales From The Jungle(BBC): Malinowski: Click here
  3. Tales From the Jungle(BBC): Margaret Mead: Click here
  4. Papua New Guinea tribes: Click here
  5. Last ever cannibal tribe: Click here
  6. Coming of Age: Margaret Mead: Click here