The Personality Test (Interview)

The process of the personality test

The evaluation of the personality is done through an interview process, by a Board usually comprising four to five members, who are persons of eminence and experience from various walks of life.  One of the member (generally a member of the public service commission) is designated the chairman of the Board. The Chairman regulates the conduct of the interview and also awards marks to the candidate, which is usually by consensus.

The Boards conduct the interview by posing questions, seeking views asking for objective appreciation and analyses of matters relating to the

  • Personal profile of candidates– as disclosed in Mains examination form/ or as in 2014 KPSC Personality test, the commission handed over a form to be filled by the candidates containing their personal details. As per the information you provide (for Example on Graduation subject related, Optional subject, Home district, Hobby etc) you may be asked questions
  • Issues pertinent, to the society, state and country
  • About current affairs of Karnataka, national and international significance.
  • Example: Demonetisation, Inflation, Coalition government etc
Attributes Desirable in Aspirants

These include honesty, integrity, sincerity of purpose, clarity of thought and expression, ability to take decisions, balance of judgment, self belief and confidence, ability to reason, to think critically and analytically, awareness and concern for socio-economic issues and problems, positive approach, politeness and leadership qualities.

The tenor of the interview is that of a purposeful conversation. The objective is the assessment of the overall personality of the candidate and not merely bookish knowledge or concepts, which in any case have already been evaluated in the preliminary and the Main examination.

 “What is of utmost importance is the ability to think, coupled with an honest approach, sincerity of purpose and willingness to toil hard”

How and what to Prepare for the Interview

So in this section, lets try to understand….what is Personality test/interview? For this let’s browse through the UPSC syllabus. Here you can find the explanation of what is Personality test (interview). UPSC says,

  1. The candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of his/her career. He/she will be asked questions on matters of general interest.
  2. The object of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. The test is intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate. In broad terms this is really an assessment of not only his/her intellectual qualities but also social traits and his/her interest in current affairs.
  3. Some of the qualities to be judged are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity
  4. The technique of the interview is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a natural, though directed and purposive conversation which is intended to reveal the mental qualities of the candidate.
  5. The interview test is not intended to be a test either of the specialised or general knowledge of the candidates which has been already tested through their written papers. Candidates are expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of well-educated youth.
Note from the Editor:

Having faced interview at both UPSC and State PSC board, I can tell you… this is the most accurate description. Let’s break it down in to simpler points-

1.      Candidate should show general interest in what is happening around them (know the recent developments of  state, national and international issues)

2.      Not just be a bookworm… But know the art of living (Know your hobbies and interests)

3.      Should show a personality of a leader and a good public servant. (honesty, integrity etc)

It is not:

1.      Strict  cross  examination

2.      Not intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge

Ask yourself these questions??? What are the qualities of a leader? How to handle work pressure? What are the qualities of being honest? Etc… this is what the interviewer is looking for.



Pre Interview Preparations

  1. As soon as the mains results are out, start preparing (or revising) for current affairs. This should include important state, National and International issues.

What should you focus on:

  • Important supreme court verdicts (Section 377, Triple talaque issue, Aadhar verdict etc)
  • Economic issues (rising fuel prices, depreciation of currency)
  • Flagship programmes recently in news (Ayushman Bharat)
  • Any developments between India and its neighbouring country or other important country ( India Pakistan, US, Iran, Russia etc)
  • State issues (Refer this book…)
  • Read our Mahithi monthly current affairs Magazine (at least 6months prior to the interview)
  • Read editorials from The Hindu and other important newspaper and start developing opinions on issues.
  • Have points in favour and against any issues. i.e, know both sides of the argument.
  1. Know about your home town: what are the important tourist spots, historical significant, economic significance, Its population, education/health status, problems, MLAs, MPs and anything else recently in news etc
  2. IF you are employed: know about your company, the job profile, any development in the area of your job. Past employed candidates (exMP) can also expect questions on their past job also!
  3. Learn about yourself starting with your name. Example any famous personality who shares your name, the date of birth etc. Study about your hobby and interests. Example: if your hobby is reading- Question can be- tell me something about the recent book you read?
  4. Go through your graduation subject. Any new development in that field? How it will help you in your administration? etc
  5. Questions can be also asked from optional subject. Non technical like- why did you choose this optional. Or even technical questions as asked in your mains. (especially those who have taken sociology or public administration or political science or history or anthropology)
  6. Prepare for personal questions:
    • Why you want to join civil services?
    • Why should we select you?
    • What have you been doing for these many years?
  7. Conversate with other aspirants (even an intelligent friend or family member) and discuss/or ask each other questions randomly.
  8. Keep a book where you can note down expected questions and personal information. (Prepare for this question- WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN CIVIL SERVICES? )
  9. Go through past interview questions and try to answer those questions. (refer the last module of this book)
  10. Look in the mirror. See how you look while talking. Look at your personal expressions. Smile more often. You have a beautiful smile. Please remember You Don’t change anything! JUST BE YOURSLEF
  11. Give mock tests and get feedback from experts. (give us a call/ mail us. We shall arrange 1 for you for free! J )

How to Answer

  • Listen Carefully: Concentrate on what is being said and to comprehend fully, the importance of the question.
  • Pause before Answering
  • Reply Calmly: You will face 3 kinds of situations
  • Those you are Prepared for: you must avoid getting excited or hurrying up with your reply. It makes good sense to convey the impression that the question was understood and the answer paraphrased then and there only. The reply should appear to be spontaneous and not a prepared answer to an anticipated question.
  • Those you are just familiar with: Do not get flustered or panic. Maintain your calm; you may request the Member to further elaborate.
  • Those you do not know: However, if you do not know the answer at all, then it is better to say politely, I do not know. In no situation must you panic or lose your composure. ( here I DO NOT KNOW will be your best friend)
  • Answer Appropriately: The answer has to be to the point and as per the question asked.
  • Most Important Points First
  • Any answer should be to the point, crisp and concise.
  • You must have that ability to see things from the perspective of others as well as in entirety, minutely as well as wholly, Thus while expressing one’s views, various facets of the issue, and the pros and cons must also be specified.
  • Where to Express views and Where to have an Opinion: In case your opinion has been sought, then it is pertinent to specify your stand at the very outset and then the reasons for it.
  • No stage you should be critical of the point of view of the interviewer or be argumentative while expressing your own opinion. Even if you are not in agreement with the Members view point, respect it and express your own dissenting opinion humbly.
  • Honesty is the Best policy: This dilemma arises in the following three situations:
  • When you have not properly heard or understood the question,
  • When you have understood the question but are unsure/not fully confident about the answer.
  • When you are sure that you do not know the answer

Remember your answer should have 

  • Modern and Balanced Views
  • Ideological Outlook
  • Truthfulness, Frankness, and Smartness
  • Not Self Deprecating Replies

Answers based on Personal profile:

However, there can be questions which are to your core competence (such as those related your job/profession, optional, hobbies, home state, city, etc), which you ought to know. These questions carry substantial weightage in the interview and the Board expects a positive reply and application of mind from the candidate.

  • Your Name
  • Education
  • Know in Brief about your School/College/University
  • Subjects/Optional
  • Information about home District
  • Previous job experience.
  • Hobby Games, and Achievements

Body language

  • Non-verbal communication and body language are a reflection of a person’s state of mind and also of the many other facets of his personality.
  • Although excitement and nervousness are natural, it is important not to let it overcome us. Try to maintain your composure. Taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling gradually helps to soothe frayed nerves.
  • Wish the lady Member (if any) first and then the other Board Members on entering the interview room.
  • Take a seat only when asked to.
  • Sit erect, Do not slouch or lean to either side.
  • Keep your feet on the ground and slightly apart.
  • Wrists can be placed in the lap, on the legs or over the knees, placing wrists on table is also acceptable.
  • Do not cross your arms, shake legs, gesticulate wildly, fidget, stare at your watch, or sit with your hands in the pocket.
  • Maintain eye contact with the Member who is speaking or to whom you are speaking. Also look at the other Members. Maintaining eye contact with different people in the group often comes with concerted effort and practice.



Following are some of the interview transcripts during the previous civil services personality tests. Going through them will give you an idea of what is expected, the depth and pattern of questioning etc. which will help you prepare for your interview. We are grateful to our friends for sharing this with us.

Profile: Graduation- Veterinary science

  • Introduce myself
  • wt r problems u met in daily practice in field during treatment of animals
  • What is GST and what is there in today’s news paper about gst
  • why Indians cows are producing less milk than in Western country
  • NAREGA nd it’s related questions
  • social audit
  • drought and how to manage drinking water problems
  • Street dogs menance and control
  • Amount to animal husbandry during state budget
  • cow slaughter and constitutional provision
  • hydroponics
  • how gst affects tax revenue to Karnataka. Nd wt s it’s effect on small farmers
  • what r cretiria to open veterinary hospital
  • A2 milk
  • Alamatti issues with andra
  • Fodder development

Profile: Graduation-Engineering; Belong to Hyderabad-Karnataka region


  1. Why the switch from technology field to civil services?
  2. What problems in your district will you be able to solve? Why do they still remain are 70yrs?
  3. What will you do to mitigate drought and migration of farmers?
  4. Has there been any significant change in your district in recent years?
  5. What’s special about your district?
  6. Why is it called Hyderabad-Karnataka?
  7. What schemes have the govt started to deal with drought? Specific names asked.
  8. What about MGNREGA? What’s the minimum wage in Karnataka? How many days of work is allowed?
  9. Who was awarded recently for good performance in MGNREGA?
  10. How many taluks were sanctioned recently for gulbarga? Which are those?
  11. Is it a good thing to allot a university to raichur? What’s the disadvantage of having so many universities?
  12. How was the state budget this time? Any major schemes announced? List them.
  13. What is ksheera bhagya? What’s the amount of milk provided?
  14. Which were the sectors with highest allocation?

Member 2:

  1. Why public administration? Define it.
  2. Who is a leader? What are his qualities?

Member 3:

  1. Where is the new IIT in Karnataka? How many IITs in the country?
  2. What are the recommendations of Timothy Gonzales committee?
  3. What’s the difference between legislative assembly and legislative council? Who’s more powerful?
  4. How are council members elected? How many in Karnataka?
  5. What is Article 354?

Member 4:

  1. Considering the decline of Kannada in our day today lives? What steps will you take to improve it?
  2. Is it a good idea to introduce English from 1st standard?
  3. Name the jnanapeeth awardees.
  4. Name the rashtrakavis of Karnataka
  5. What is the controversy regarding yettinahole project?
  6. What about kalasa banduri agitation? Why is there no solution in sight?
  7. With the sad state of schools in Karnataka, what steps will you take to improve them?
  8. As an economist and administrator,is it a good idea to waive farm loans?
  9. Development or ecology? What to choose?

Profile: XMP; From Bengaluru; Optional Anthropology; Hobby Gardening

  • No of BBMP wards b4 and after formation of BBMP
  • No of Constituencies in Bengaluru
  • Gardens in Bengaluru
  • Different Names of Bengaluru
  • Present Mayor and name few others earlier
  • Why u wanna join KAS
  • Wat I grow in ur garden
  • Medicinal plants and their uses
  • Kannada language in schools &Organisation supporting Kannada language and Ur views

Member 2

  • Why recently Defence people on to social media
  • Wat is ur opinion and views
  • UAVs and types
  • Drones and their usage in detail
  • Abt Donold Trump policies
  • Wat is ur opinion
  • Chiefs of all three Forces
  • DGCA

Member 3

  • Stone Pelting in Kashmir
  • How to tackle them
  • Bipin Rawat in News Recently and his Statement
  • Ur subjects in degree
  • Joint family and Nuclear family

Member 4

  • Animism
  • Fatism
  • Kailash Temple
  • Ellora & Ajanta
  • No of jnanpith awardees of Karnataka and who

Profile: Optional: Anthropology; Graduation: MBBS; Morning session 3rd in the list; Time: 35+min; Home district: Kodagu.

Member 1:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell about your district (Kodagu)
  • What is it famous for
  • Recent problem which made national headlines. ( I thought it was Tipu Jayanthi problem, but he said it was about beating truck drivers transporting cattle.

Member 2:

  • Tell me what was objective of demonetisation, it’s pros and cons, and your opinion
  • What is anthropology, how is it different from sociology, how will you apply it in Day to day life

Member 3.

  • Structure of disaster management in India
  • At district level how it works, who is in charge, tell me how it is handled
  • Ancient times surgery was conducted in Ayurveda? Tell me about it

Member 4:

  • hospital waste management. Why is it bad in rural area? How to address it?
  • Why ppl from Kodagu are in Army and nursing field?

Chairman: Oki Dr all the best, do good to poor if selected… 🙏

Profile: Optional anthropology; Home town mysore; Live in Chennai ;Hobby stamp collection

  • What is difference between anthropology and sociology?
  • Explain few social problems?
  • Name princely states?
  • How was state reorganization done?who was important person in this?which district he is from?
  • Small family and joint family difference?
  • 73rd amendment
  • CAG
  • Tell preamble
  • Tourist place in mysore
  • GI in mysore
  • Presidential and parliament system which is better?
  • Since I work in Chennai
  • Kaveri problems
  • Will aiadmk go and central party come?
  • Symbol of aiadmk and rK Hagar election and symbol?
  • How working women take care of house?
  • Does dowry really exist?
  • Moderate and extremists example
  • Difference between gandhi and tilak
  • Leaders before gandhi
  • Quit india movement
  • Did mysore have war with other states?
  • How did nizam resist state merger to India?

Profile: Graduation: MBBS; Hobby: Collection of stationeries and teaching roller skating to children; Achievement: Represented India in International Roller skating championship, Belgium. Silver Medallist in 32nd National Games, Hyd 2002; Optional: Anthropology.

  • Which vitamin is found only in Nonveg diet? What causes if it is deficient? which is the only vitamin that is produced by our body? What is the name of the condition caused due to its deficiency? How does a patient present with rickets? Why is it commonly seen in Indian’s? Which pigment is responsible for skin colour? How much exposure to sunlight is required for preventing rickets?
  • Do you think that people take up unknown sports ( like roller skating) so that there will be less competition in them and hence can achieve better in them?
  • Which is the 1 sport you would recommend for Indian’s?
  • Why are Indian sports persons performing so poorly in international events? Since you have organised events in your college level, how would you improve sports in India…
  • Why in India, young entrepreneurs are not coming forward to set up business and take risk, unlike youngsters in foreign countries..?
  • Why is there a slow down in growth in India?What is government doing to promote growth?Is FDI good in India?What are the advantages and disadv of FDI in retail? Do you support FDI in retail in India? What is sustainable development?
  • What is this hobby of yours? Collection of stationeries? ( every one laughs.. )How did you develop this hobby?Is it an expensive hobby? Which is your most priced possession?
  • What is national pride? We have flag code… so that people will have respect for the national flag… do you think that it is necessary to have such code to inculcate national pride in people?
  • How will you inculcate national pride among the people of your district if you become the district collector?
  • You know a survey was conducted and it was found that more that 90% of the students dint know who V D Savarkar was… it is such a shame no??? you tell me who V D Savarkar was?
  • Tell me about NHRC? What is the mandate of NHRC?Do you know Law commission… What is the mandate of the law commission? Who provides for the input of the law commission?Does Supreme court advices the law commission?
  • You have spent 5 years studying MBBS…. you should answer this… Which condition is pearl necklace and cotton ball appearance in the x-ray seen
  • ( opens the constitution book, turns to preamble, reads it out…) why is it mentioned WE THE PEOPLE….. HEREBY ADOPT…..GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION…. When the constitutional assembly was not at all representative… majority were lawyers and came from the upper class… and the rest were nominated? The mass in the true sense were not represented only?

Profile: Doctor, working at ESI, Hobby- cycling

  • what were u doing for 3 years after completion of graduation in 2009?-
  • so u r working presently@ ESI?
  • what r the qualities of a good doctor?
  • difference b/n world bank and imf??
  • What r causes of inflation, presently…?
  • difference between administration n management?
  • Differences bn leader n a manager?
  • which one needed for administration-manager or leader?
  • India’s grievances with world bank n imf.
  • Does India’s quota in imf increased?
  • importance of centrel Asia to India?
  • In which of these India has a air base..??
  • one important event in cycling outside India? who s the winner in latest event..?
  • there s a intimate relationship bn health n insurance(working@ ESI), why is it so?
  • What is % of the insurance coverage in India.?? What r indicators used to measure coverage…?? Define each of them -insurance penetration and density….
  • misuse of insurance facilities in private hospitals, why mci not regulating them…
  • there s defficiency of doctors in the country, n if u all move towards administration, don’t u think situation will worsen..?? What can u bring to administration as a doctor?
  • What is epidemic and pandemic with examples..? How will u prevent pandemic of Ebola from spreading into our country? ?
  • so u said medicine is blend of art n science, is it a complete science??
  • Does it not rely on statistics alone sometimes? ?
  • what is ur opinion on role of govt and media in handling jnu incident

Profile: Working in IRTS, Optional   vet science; Hobbies  shuttle badminton

  • why do u want to change the service,do u have interacted with any civil servants
  • train delays in winter season in North India,solution?
  • China pak economic corridor,
  • One belt one road initiative
  • Monkey menace in delhi,solution
  • Requirements for a new entrepreneur
  • Rajastan is famous for which mineral.
  • Tick fever,causes,treatments?
  • snakebite ,treatment
  • poultry industry in india,suggest a n educated youth to start a poultry farm
  • Speciality of Bareilly
  • Bidri ware
  • Compare Channapattana with Bareilly
  • Carving out of Davangere from Chitradurga _impact on Chitradurga
  • Famous educational institute institute,
  • Shimoga,about industries in Bhadravati
  • Bhadra reservoir

Profile :B.E, MBA finance, worked in TCS

  • Why did u leave TCS?
  • How will ur engg n MBA knowledge help in administration?
  • What is the difference between net profit and dividend?
  • In balance sheet netprofit falls under assets or liabilities?
  • in balance sheet how do u find out about the liquidity position of the company?
  • In 2008, why there was recession? Where did it start? Which countries were affected?
  • how do u rate Indian markets? Who is the regulator of Indian markets? What are the measures taken by sebi? Do u think it is working?
  • you have a daughter how will u manage if u r posted in remote countries if u get IFS? What are the duties of an IFS officer? What does bilateral relations between two countries mean?do u know the no. Of indian diasporas? Which country has more diaspora India or China? How is the remittance India got last year?
  • Why was TCS in news recently? Which country did it happen?
  • As an administrator how will u manage drought areas? What is the issue in Marathwada? What solution do u suggest? Why do u think make in India is failing? What are the impediments for investment in india?
  • Which area of governance are you interested in? Why is the problem of Indian women? How will u empower women? Can u name some programme for women? Do u think government schemes are better or self help groups are better? Can u name some self help group schemes? What is kudumbasree?

Profile: In IPS Training; From Kolar; worked in CISCO

  • The Prime minister has said “Civil Servants should be the agents of change”, can you elaborate on that?
  • You said that the people should not fear the police. Is it a good thing? Won’t it be counter productive?
  • What is your district (Kolar) famous for? Some questions on KGF
  • What are the problems faced by the farmers, what steps have to be taken to improve their condition?
  • What is money laundering? recent example? Explain how the money was laundered(Had mentioned Vijay Mallya’s case)
  • Tell me abt the biggest failure in your life.
  • Why do you think you failed?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • What was your nature of work in Cisco?
  • Why is your haircut like this(Police haircut)? Reasons for it
  • Which force in India allows its men to have beard?
  • What do the police fear the most?
  • What is Wetware?
  • What is Gold Rush?
  • What is Bullion?
  • Why is India’s growth said to be a jobless growth?
  • Why has our hardware industry not developed as well as the software industry? what measures have to be taken?
  • About Global warming, what measures is India taking? Some discussion on Paris and Kyoto
  • Why do you think China is taking such a dangerous posture in South China sea? What is the position of different countries including India on this

Profile: B.E, 3.5years work exp, left job in 2012. Hobbies n interest : cricket, tennis, violet ball, natural farming, jogging..

  • How’s ur prep for interview?
  • Uttarkhand crisis, y is the high court blaming president n what will happen now..
  • u play volley ball? Which position? Were u the tallest in ur team? In which hand do u play?
  • what’s natural farming? Do u practice it? What do u do?
  • Chinese investment in our region.. Is it a that or opportunity? Discussion for 5 min on this topic.. Finally he wanted me to pick one, threat or opportunity.
  • What technology will u use to improve evidence collection in policing.
  • Tell me 4 steps to improve public perception about police?
  • drug abuse.. Y is it happening especially in Punjab? Whys it increasing so drastically in the last 5 10 years? What will u do as a police officer to control it?
  • Violence in jat agitation.. Do u think what’s done is right? How will u handle it as a police officer?
  • Sco, it’s members.. Is India a member? Who’s the president of khazakistan?
  • Illegal migration from bangladesh to Assam.. What will u do to control it? What about already existing migrants? What about in open borders in Nepal and Bhutan? How to verify and check infiltration?
  • Child trafficking in jharkhand n bihar.. What steps will u take as a s.p.. What short term measures? What will u do for the middle men? What about illegal migrants who are trafficked?
  • Why low conviction? Why so much delay in disposing cases what can be done as police have only little powers in convicting..
  • what’s preventive detention? Is ter any law or provision in constitution tearing it? How long can one be detained and what’s the procedure?
  • What’s the difference between civil law countries

Profile: working in IRS C & CE; Doctor; Hobby reading

  • General questions regarding the jobs I have done after my degree. He was interested to know why there are so many branches in medicine
  • GST : list out the 15 taxes that get subsumed under GST.
  • What are the differences between the ruling party and the opposition with respect to the GST bill.
  • How your knowledge in medical field will come to help in Customs? Where are you going to apply it?
  • What is Additional duty of customs ? What is CounterVeilingDuty?
  • What is dumping? What is the harm caused when there is dumping of some goods which are anyway not manufactured in a particular country? Why a country should ban it? Which directorate within your department looks into dumping issues?
  • Which aspects are controlled by commerce ministry and which ones are controlled by customs as such? What about safeguards?
  • Narrated few malpractices of doctors. He asked whether it is a good thing or bad thing? Why MCI is not doing anything about it? What reforms you suggest in MCI to curb the malpractice. If you become a member of MCI how will you control such malpractice?
  • These days our Khadi is facing challenges from the imported clothes and facing threat to its survival. How can we promote khadi?? What is the definition of Khadi? 🙂 how will you differentiate a Khadi cloth from other cotton cloth? Then some loose discussions on handlooms and power looms etc.
  • You have mentioned reading as your hobby n mainly Kannada literature!
  • Have you read ” MudraManjusha”? Who is the author of ‘Mudramanjusha’?? What is the importance of MudraManjusha in Kannada literature?

Profile: Veterinary Officer, DySP karnataka , IRS IT

  • NCC- objectives, whether or not achieved, what u learnt.
  • Weapons training, rifle v/s small weapons, and difference in their barrel
  • Police reforms, challenges in implementing, why states are reluctant
  • Provisions for central gov to intervene in state issues (art 356, 365) followed by some discussion
  • Communal violence – ur experience n preventive measures
  • IPL v/s Drought Maharashtra
  • Basketball – challenges n opportunities in India, US NBA
  • World economic scenario ; Recession; Greece crisis
  • Developed countries vs India – economic positions
  • Indias future growth
  • Defence more FDI vs national security
  • Budget n tax related: Exemptions, how they justified, Equalisation levy ,Are there any research – tax exemptions
  • Case study: Sexual harassment at work place

Profile: Worked in Infosys; BE; hobby yoga, adventure sports; kabadi

  • you were working in infosys..why did you leave the job?
  • what is your backup plan and subsequent questions on that
  • What is recent controversy regarding infosys
  • Question about recent quarterly result of  infosys
  • what are the measures infosys taking for future growth?
  • what is internet of things? how it will help?
  • what is cloud computing?
  • what is  the status and progress of digital india and discussion on that
  • what is standup  india scheme? is it sustainable?
  • do you know a famous yogi by your name?
  • what yoga do you do? how  are you practicing? where did you learn?
  • recent controversy regarding world cultural festival and discussion on that for 5 minutes
  • what adventure sports have you participated in? where? is it safe?
  • what was the last trek? distance? time taken? how it helps personally and as a group?
  • what is the difference between computer scince and electronics and communication?
  • do you know about moores law? is it still valid? new technological updates in that field?
  • tell us about Kaveri river water dispute? what measures will you take as an administrator?
  • has ProKabaddi league helped and how?
  • debate betweeen generalists and specialists and which one do you prefer?
  • Administrators having laalbatti, is it required?
  • lookeast and act east policy? recent projects in that?
  • what are the projects to boost connectivity in northeast? security issues of those and as an administrator what measure will to take to adress those security challenges?
  • Why china claims Arunachal Pradesh? what is recent controversy regarding Tawang?
  • Debate between presidential and parliamentary form of government? which one do you prefer?
  • Debate betweeen two party and multiparty system? which one do you prefer?
  • Stability versus Diversity which one do you prefer and why?
  • Regarding recent presidents rule in Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir? what is supreme courts view on that? can supreme court reinstate the state governments?

Profile: Optional: Public administration; B.Sc, M. A; NCC, cricket; worked in IB

  • what is FDI? What is multi brand retail? Why do we need it? What are greenfield projects? What is the importance of Ncc and wat did u learn from it?
  • difference between pub Ad and Why do we need make in India? What is start up India? What is ur opinion on startup India?recently which movie did u watch? Who is ur fav actor?
  • experience in ib? Which places have u visited outside Karnataka?why infrastructure is given so much importance? Aadhar bill, money bill and y controversy? What is judicial review?
  • what games do u like? Who is ur favourite cricketer? Do u remember any great innings played by tendulkar? What qualities do u like in tendulkar? Issues in power sector? Y recently Karnataka was facing power crisis?
  • y did u leave ib?what is the recent initiative of govt on timely implementation? Is it necessary? How will u implement it? What abt rti? What are the issues in rti?Y did they give u best boy in school? What r the security threats in kerala?which place in Karnataka would u suggest us to visit and why?

Profile: Optional- Political science; Degree- MBA (Finance; Past work- Lecturer

  • What is the purpose of UFI, hot pursuit in Myanmar – can the same be done in pakistan
  • why is Govt pursuing digital India so intensely?
  • Asked why i left lecture job and come to civil service
  • why does the stock market fluctuate so much and what ws the reason for recent fall
  • How does slowdown of Chinese economy affect world trade
  • What is G20 what is its purpose name the countries
  • What is G 4 why was it formed
  • explain what is leverage in finance to a common man
  • What is debt equity ratio? Hw is it useful?  Is high ratio harmful for company?  Then discussion went to vijay malya issue. Asked whether malya be called a crook?
  • Then again he asked after doing finance u had better prospects for makin money why u want civil service
  • there is abundance water on earth but still the next war will be waged for water why?
  • Gave a situation two companies similar operation production marketing sales can one make profit and the other make loss
  • is it the right time for government to opt out of higher education and allow private players to take over? After hike in fees what difference does it make wrt to private institutions? Hw do u justfiy the hike
  • few technical questions on finance.

Profile: Optional : kan lit; Background : comp science eng; Hobby- making greeting card

  • what did you do from 2012
  • What s the government stand on women in combat role
  • Whats the women scenario in your district
  • What main problem you see regarding girls in your village
  • Who was behind you to perceive your civil service ambition
  • do yu think we need urbanisation
  • If everyone comes to urban who will cultivate?
  • What role does city play ?
  • Whom do you give the greeting card yu make ( hobby )
  • y do we follow parliamentary system ? Y not presidential system
  • ( technical) : Is there any law for tapping phones,What s header, How do you check the mail yu received is authentic      If you are working for a Pvt company n you have d work laptop , n also yu have difference in opinion with higher mgmt , can you deny not giving your laptop ?
  • where gold mining s in Kar ? Why de stopped mining in kolar , n y now they want t revive ?
  • What crops you grow ? ( dad: agriculturalist ) Whats the status of coffee rates ?
  • Why politicians are opposing passing reservation bill in Parliament ?
  • Do you support reservation policy ? Doesn’t providing reservation in IIT downgrade it’s credentials ?

Profile: IIT, Worked in NGO

  • What you were doing after you resign from your job?
  • ow does the increase in IIT fees will affect the IIT aspirants whose parents income is just 5Lakhs? Questions and counter questions on that for about 5mins
  • Do you know stealth aircraft? What it is? What is the colour of it?
  • What are the measures taken by government of Karnataka on superstition?
  • What are the measures taken by government of Karnataka to conserve water?
  • Name some NGOs which work in education sector in Karnataka?? (DAF based)
  • Do you know Akshayaa Patra NGO?
  • What does Ajim Premji foundation does?
  • Why there are no product based companies in India??
  • What are water builds? (Based on today’s news paper which I didn’t know)
  • What are global standard institutions which Arun Jaitly has proposed in Budget??
  • what is net neutrality?? What are the measures that govt has taken on this front?
  • org good or bad
  • Is it good to regulate NGOs?? (Based on Daf)

Profile: Graduation : Mechanical Engineering; Optional : Sociology

  • What is the difference between Mechanics and Mechanical engineering?
  • Tell me the process of manufacturing. (Showed a plastic piece)How is this manufactured?
  • What are the aspects taken into consideration before manufacturing?
  • Inter-linking of rivers?Feasible?Solutiom?
  • Why land acquisition opposed?
  • What are Savannas? Where is it?
  • Do we have grasslands in India?Where?
  • 2nd law if thermodynamics?
  • How does a AC work?
  • You are the DM of a district, and there is epidemic.
  • You have to submit report to your superior.What are the things to be included in the report?
  • Recently an animal which was endangered has increased its population. Which is that? What are the main reason for its decline? How many are presently present in India? Where is it found?
  • Suppose you are DM of a district and tribal population have been rehabilitated to a new location. They are demanding to go back to forest What will you do?
  • Jallikattu issue? What should we do? Shouldnt we ban it? Since it’s causing animal violence?
  • Is it because mechanical engineering involves routine work its called mechanical?
  • Isn’t routine work boring?
  • tell me about your job profile.
  • Backup plan, was civil services a calculated risk? What was the calculation?
  • Hindu rate of growth?
  • Comparison with Western countries especially European, low inflation low growth, but still better than India?
  • pulses, Agriculture distress, and other related questions on msp, second green revolution etc
  • family planning – comparison between India and China, which is better, discussion came to democracy and social Harmony and road rage and racism.
  • about swatch Bharat abhiyan. Challenges. Narrated some experience of his and asked if the program was still a success.
  • LIGO – Gravitational waves.. About movement of waves, sun, Einstein , significance of these waves. Cosmic year.

Profile: Hobbies watching sports and reading kannada novels; Engineer; Birth Place- Thirthahalli; NCC

  • about my job profile as service engineer
  • Whether united Pakistan or Pakistan divided into 4-5 states.which is in best interests pf india? Why
  • Name five problems or areas of concern today in India
  • Education sector problems
  • What needs to be done so that there will be no school drop outs
  • do you think ncc training should be made compulsory
  • Which sport do you watch
  • Name your favourite sports person. What qualities do you like in him
  • Why indian football teams fifa ranking is very low. What can be done to improve indian football
  • What is white revolution name some cattle breeds of karnataka
  • about my birthplace (thirthahalli); About my college
  • In which wing you were in ncc
  • Comparison between German and Japanese automotive especially cars. Which is bettet suited to india
  • which was the most happiest moment of your life
  • Fuel quality bs4 to bs6 standards. Vehicle design
  • Comparison between passenger and freight vehicles
  • Regulations and it’s enforcement from transport authorities
  • Odd even scheme of delhi
  • Why delhi has more air pollution
  • Bengaluru traffic problem
  • Why diamond sparkles

Profile: Background: Biotechnology; Birthplace- Kasargod; Hobby- carnatic music

  • Chairman: You are from Kasargod (my birthplace). Why there is so much of emigration from there to Middle East?
  • Your hobby is writing articles. What kind of articles do yo write? Tell me about them in brief.
  • What is 100 years war? Do you know 30 years war? Do you know 7 years war?
  • What are stem cells?
  • What are the sectors in biotech industry?
  • What’s the relation between population and pollution?
  • what’s the difference between Carnatic and Hindustani music? Name few famous artistes.
  • Govt is giving subsidies in different areas. Name the areas where we are giving and tell your opinion about it.
  • Whether subsidy is given for fertilizers too?
  • What are the problems of it?
  • What’s the population of Bengaluru? Do you know Mysuru?
  • There is a new program by GoK in Mysuru. Can you tell what’s it? Then he said he will give a clue and told it’s related to water and the program started 3-4 years back! Then he only said it’s about 24*7 water supply
  • Do you think we should provide water like this when we are facing water scarcity?
  • What’s the difference between harvesting and recharge?
  • Whether you will be able to perceive music being a civil servant with busy schedule?
  • What are the positives and negatives of GM seeds?
  • Biosafety is a major issue. Whether we have a body for it?
  • What’s the market share of Air India? (Taking up from the discussion with chairman)

Profile: Hobbies: Movies, Novel reading; Engineer

  • Why did you leave your job so early?Why civil services?
  • What are problems faced by steel sector?
  • Then discussion on wto and trade barriers.
  • Famous poet from your dist and his pen name?
  • Which book did he vet jnanapeetha for?
  • Discussion on western ghats and reports on it?
  • how your engineering knowledge help in civil services?
  • Y we have focused more on large scale industries than small scale? Discussion on it regarding advantages and govt policies
  • Some factual questions on demography
  • What kind of books do you read? Last book.
  • Discussion on Afghanistan, its present situation and India role( because last book read by me relates to afghan)
  • Kind of movies you watch?
  • Discussion on galaxies n Stephen hawking.
  • Plantation crops in your district? Problems related to arecanut, its marketing structure, govt interventions.
  • What is 3D printing?
  • Discussion on minimum governance

Profile: Kannada literature

  • where are you from? What are the problems Of bangalore?
  • have you heard of Namami gange ,  tell me about it. Difficulties?
  • what is public administration? Administration? Governance?
  • what is PIL? Elaborate
  • do you know Basaveshwara, Elaborate as a social And spiritual leader.
  • Do you know NAM? What is it. Members . Relevance

Profile: Optional – Mathematics; Hobby – Robotics, Drones, Guitar and Football

  • Why did you not take Electronics optional
  • Tell the oldest text in Mathematics
  • Should we go for smaller and more number of states. What about city states
  • Bangalore is having more racial attaks
  • Reasons for road rage. Comparison with European countries
  • Which guitar do you play
  • Drought in Marthwada – How to handle. Shifting of IPL match
  • What is corporate social responsibility. Govt Policy on it. Why is it there. Is it working
  • What is social security scheme. Why we need it.
  • Difference between NREGA and MGNREGA. Is NREGA working.
  • What is NFSA. How NREGA and NFSA are hampering agricultural sector
  • Which layer in atmosphere is used for communication
  • Which layer in outer space
  • What is Van Allen Belt

Profile: Graduation: MBBS; Hobby: Collection of stationeries. Represented India in International Roller skating championship, Belgium. Silver Medallist in 32nd National Games, Hyd 2002; Optional: Anthropology.

  • Asked me where I did my School, PU, College. Is yours Private college? ( mine was) what exam you wrote to get the seat?
  • You completed your MBBS in 2009? What were you doing for 6 years? Oki why did you decide to come into administration? I said good administration is also an essential part of solving medical sector problems. Name 1? I said I worked in polio programme, it was good administration which played an important role in its eradication. So you are telling administrator eradicated polio? You are telling me that administrators make policy? I said no. So then tell me who makes policy in India? I said political executive. Then what is the role of administrators… etc etc..
  • In what event did you represent India in World Championship? Said speed roller skating. Did you win any medal? Tell me is roller skating a growing sports? Why?
  • Can you name any pen manufacturer from Germany? (hobby-collecting pen)
  • Oki tell me the difference between combat and transport plane. Can transport plane be used for combat? How? Can you name any?
  • What is the problem between India and china? Tell me about border problem. What is the name of the borders?
  • Any other problem with eastern sector? Why Arunachal Pradesh is claimed by China?
  • Gave a case study.. was very difficult to hear… just tried to understand what he was saying. You are district collector.. Corruption.. powerful politician … chief minister.. something something… what will you do?
  • you know any country where entire funding is by state in health care sector.
  • What should be done in India? Do you support private or public funding?
  • Are you Paediatrician? Who are neonatologists? Who are neonates? Are all paediatricians neonatologists?
  • Doctors take some oath na, what is it? Do you know it? Tell me. Why is ethics in medical field coming down.