Why give anthropology test series?

Dear Students,

Anthropology is a very easy optional to prepare. This is its greatest advantage. But it is also its greatest disadvantage. This is because, we tend to overestimate ourselves and underestimate the anthropology paper. This is where most of you would face the problem. (Note- This is also the reason why some would be stuck with a marks ranging between 120-130).

Students feel that since the questions are direct, somehow it can be managed. To add to this, some will complicate their preparation by reading newer concepts, adding a huge list of new concepts and case studies (as your attempts increase, your notes also will increase and become more complicated)

Now this is where we at Mentors4ias can help you.

This test programme has been programmed to maximize outcome with the right guidance. I and my team have structurer this programme into 3 phases:

In each test we will also customize our guidance based on your answers, on structuring and answer presentation. The stress is on relevance and accuracy. We are very confidant of our approach. If you follow this approach you can score 150-170+ in each paper. This will be a huge plus in your final score. 

For any other help, feel free to contact us

Wishing you all the very best,

Dr Arjun Bopanna

Director, Mentors4ias